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Pay only for qualified leads generated by our service.


Pay once the demos are completed, ensuring results before payment.


No setup fees or credit card requirements, making it easy to get started.


We handle everything for you; just provide your direction, and we'll take care of the rest.

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Our pricing is straightforward: $95 per successful qualified lead, payable at the end of each billing cycle


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  • Do you handle everything autonomously?
    Yes, in our performance-based collaboration model, we manage all campaign interactions to minimize your workload. You'll receive results in the form of confirmed appointments. If a prospect misses an appointment, just report it or update the appointment status, and we'll handle the rescheduling.
  • What industries do you specialize in?
    We specialize in various B2B industries, including technology, healthcare, finance, and professional services. Our team tailors the appointment setting process to fit the specific needs and nuances of your industry.
  • How does your performance-based B2B appointment setting work?
    Our performance-based model means you only pay for qualified leads that result in scheduled appointments. We handle everything from lead generation to setting up the demo, ensuring you get high-quality prospects without any upfront costs.
  • What is appointment setting?
    Appointment setting is the process of scheduling meetings or demos between potential clients and your team. It involves identifying and qualifying leads, then arranging a time for a demo or meeting to discuss the product or service in more detail.
  • How long does it take to generate results?
    We typically need a 07-day setup and warm-up period before launching each campaign. The exact duration may vary depending on the number of prospects we aim to reach at the time of launch.
  • Do I really pay later for successful appointments?
    Yes, you only pay after the appointments are successfully completed. Our performance-based model ensures that you invest in tangible results, providing confidence and value in our services. Billing is done on a 15-day cycle, so you have time to review the completed appointments before making a payment.
  • Are there any setup fees or hidden charges?
    No, there are no setup fees or hidden charges. Our service is designed to be straightforward and risk-free. You pay only for the qualified leads that result in scheduled demos. We take NO details of credit cards or any other payment methods.
  • How can I get started with your service?
    To get started, simply contact us via email or through our website. We will set up an initial consultation to discuss your needs and outline the next steps.
  • Will you use our email address or your own?
    No, to protect your domain’s reputation and improve email deliverability, we use our own tools and do not require access to your business email accounts.
  • How do you qualify leads?
    We use a combination of data-driven techniques and industry expertise to qualify leads. This involves understanding the potential client's needs, budget, decision-making process, and readiness to engage in a demo.
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